Ticket Status Definitions

IANA processes requests for protocol parameter registrations in a ticketing system. The table below lists the states that can be assigned to a ticket.

Protocol Parameter Request Status:

AssignableYour registration request is ready for implementation.
AssignedYour request is completed.
Expert ReviewYour request is currently being reviewed by the IESG-designated expert.
IESG EscalationYour request has been sent to the IESG for review.
Internal Expert ReviewIANA staff is consulting with an internal staff expert.
ModifiableYour modification request is ready for implementation.
ModifiedYour modification request is completed.
NewYour ticket has not yet been reviewed.
Validating RequestIANA staff is reviewing this ticket to make sure it has all the information/approvals/reviews necessary to proceed.
With RequesterIANA is waiting for a response from the applicant (requester).

If you have any questions, please send an email to iana@iana.org.